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Composition and Live Performance

Performance: Welcome


An Original Composition & Performance by Gauri Deshpande
CalArts Expo
California Institute of the Arts
May 2022

'Ram' is a peaceful mix of Indian and Western Classical music that creates a meditative experience for the listeners.

'Ram' means 'The Light in my Heart'. The concept behind the program is the Hindu philosophy that God resides in the heart of everyone and each one of us has an unlimited potential! We can tap into this potential by looking within us, by mediation.

The Program is a mix of Classical melodies, original compositions and an improvisation of Raga Khamaj by Gauri Deshpande.

It consists of two


“Meditations”: Classical Piano performance by Gauri Deshpande

“Ram”: Bhajan and Improvisation in Raga Khamaj.

Gauri Deshpande on Piano

Malvica Chopra on Sitar.

Image by Johannes Plenio
Performance: Discography
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Bollywood Music on Piano and Flute
5th Veda Creative Minds
The Whistling Woods International Institute, India
September 2018

Live Piano Performance of Contemporary and Bollywood Music with Flautist Naveen Kumar, at the 5th Veda Creative Minds Workshop, Whistling Woods International Institute.

The workshop was attended by the students and faculty of the Whistling Woods international Institute.

It was an interactive workshop, which involved an on-stage discussion with Film Director Subhash Ghai, followed by a 'Question and Answer' session with the audience.


Original Music Compositions 
CalArts Expo
California Institute of the Arts
May 2022

Live performance with my Electronic Music Playlist.
This is a mix of Electronic Music Compositions by Gauri Deshpande.
The compositions are created using Chuck Programming Language, Max/ MSP and Ableton Live.

Performance: Image
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