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Music Technology

  • As a part of the Production team at CalArts and worked on more than 50 live concerts in the area of live audio recording and mixing with Pro Tools, web broadcast and lighting design.

  • As a Production Fellow at the Ojai Music Festival'22 provided production support for over 10 live events.

  • As an assistant music composer worked with the main composer at Amar Mohile Studios in Mumbai, India.

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  • Gauri has an entrepreneurial experience in IT and Management Consulting, providing business transformation services to customers.

  • As a co-founder of a sports management company, she was responsible for the grooming and coaching of senior management, players and coaches of the company.

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Corporate Experience

  • As a VP - HR & Marketing and Branding for Creative IT (I) Pvt. Ltd., Gauri was responsible for deciding the strategic direction of the business and also holding direct operational responsibility for HR, Marketing & Branding, and Office Administration.

  • As a key management team member, she managed a wide portfolio covering Marketing and Branding, Creative Services, Training and Development, Social Media Strategy, and Press Management.

  • Spearheaded the complete image transformation initiative for the company by moulding the entire workforce into a highly professional, compassionate, well-groomed team with a focus on fanatical customer service.

  • ​Built a fantastic team through a careful selection process and highly integrated relationships with reputed management and technology education institutes. As an eminent guest and a speaker in various HR forums, Gauri presided over the graduation ceremonies of the management institutes.

  • Led the initiative to market and promote the retail technology product, Spectrum and hosted it at one of the largest retail technology conferences, NRF in New York where she was responsible for the Marketing Strategy, Product Launch, Marketing and Branding, and Press Engagement.

Accomplishments: Bio
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